Apostille certificates for passports

The apostille certificate is attached to a copy of your passport. If you would like us to legalise your passport for use in another country then simply send us a copy of your passport with our order form. We will arrange for our solicitor to certify the copy of your passport and get the apostille attached to the certified copy. You do not need to send us your original passport. Keep this in your safe possession as we only need a copy. This document is classed as a Tier 2 document on our order form.

If you have a solicitor certified copy of your passport already and you simply need to order an apostille then your document is classed as a Tier 1

You may be requested to provide an apostille on your passport for many reasons. You may be working overseas, applying for a visa, arranging a marriage, purchasing property or land, or simply proving your identity. Whatever your reason for needing an apostille we can help.

Why is the apostille attached to a copy of a passport?
There is a good reason for this. The apostille certificate is larger than a passport. It is permanently glued to the document and also embossed with an embossing machine. You do not need your passport damaged by the addition of the apostille certificate.

Can we apostille non UK passports?
The simple answer is yes. Please see the link below for more details.