Apostilles for Certificate of no impediments

Certificates of no impediment may need an apostille when planning a wedding outside of the UK. Certificates of no impediment are issued by your local registry office. The certificate states that there is no known impediment to your proposed marriage. After displaying a notice of your intention to marry for several weeks the registry office will issue a certificate that shows the personal details of the two individuals that intend to marry. These documents may require an apostille when a couple intends to marry in a country outside of the UK.
When organising a wedding in a foreign country the wedding organiser, religious official, or government body may request that the couple provide a certificate of no impediment. This may be one of several documents that need to be presented before the wedding can proceed. You may also need to provide legalised birth certificates or sworn affidavits and in the case of previous marriage proof the marriage is now dissolved. Contact your wedding organiser for clarification.
We can provide an apostille for your certificate of no impediment and other marriage documents. Simply send us your documents with a completed order form and we will arrange for the apostille to be issued within 5 working days.

If you are not sure which documents you may need to get married outside of the UK then we recommend that you seek further advice from the country of intended marriage well in advance of your scheduled flight.

Please note that we cannot issue an apostille on a photocopy of your certificate. All certificates must be genuine registry documents. Solicitor certified copies are NOT accepted for apostille.