Using an Apostille Certificate on Degree Certificates and Diploma's

Do you need to use your degree overseas? Are you looking for work overseas or have you been offered a position with an overseas company? This may raise the question "how can I get my qualification recognised by overseas authorities?" If you have a UK degree certificate, college diploma, or another type of educational certificate then we can help.

Using our service an apostille certificate can be attached to a copy of your degree certificate. This will legalise the document so that it will be recognised overseas by members of the hague convention and many other countries. If required your transcript can also be included in the set of documents under the same apostille for a small additional certification fee.

In addition to degree certificates we can assist with the legalisation of most types of educational certificates, diplomas and awards. For further details on our services please do not hesitate to contact our office.

Please note that educational certificates should be from a recognised and accredited University, College or fully accredited Distance Learning Institute. If you have purchased your degree online then it is not possible to get a UK apostille certificate.

If in doubt please contact us for free advice on any document that you may require legalising.