Documents we cannot legalise

Unfortunately there are some documents that we cannot issue an apostille on. There are only a few, but we legally cannot issue apostilles on the following documents.

Photocopies of birth certificates, death certificates, and marriage certificates cannot be legalised with an apostille. It does not matter if these have been certified by a solicitor or public notary. We can only issue apostilles on original documents issued by your local registry office or the General Registrars Office (GRO).

In the event that you do not have your original certificate a replacement can be issued by your local registrars office or the General Registrars Office. We can assist with obtaining replacement GRO certificates if required. 

We can only process translations of registrar certificates if certified by a UK solicitor, the translation should be attached to a cover sheet prepared by the solicitor certifying the document. If you need our assistance with solicitor certification do not hesitate to contact us.

Naturalisation certificates are only issued for use within the UK. They are not to be used outside the UK and it is not permitted for an apostille to be issued on this document.

UK work permits are only to be used within the UK. It is not possible to issue an apostille on a UK work permit.

Educational documents from online degree certificate providers. We can only issue apostilles to degrees and educational documents from genuine accredited UK establishments. If you have purchased a degree certificate from an online service provider then it is impossible to get a UK apostille certificate.

We do not make the rules we simply adhere to them. If an apostille service suggests they can issue an apostille on any of the above documents then they are unlikely to be issuing genuine UK apostille certificates.