Student apostille services - Legalising academic documents

Having studied in the UK you may now need to use your educational certificates in another country.

Students that are normally resident outside of the UK often attend UK universities and colleges. Having successfully completed their courses they may need an apostille attached to their education documents so that they will be accepted when they return home for employment or further education.

The global economy has seen a significant increase in UK educated individuals working overseas. Many large organisations transfer employees across countries. Students often seek employment during a gap year. Some companies actively target professionals within the UK due to their expertise. It is often required that academic achievements and professional qualifications are certified and issued with a UK apostille.

Families moving abroad or returning home with younger children may need to enrol their children in a new school or college. Proving previous results or attendance at school may be necessary before the overseas school will accept the child onto a new course or year of study.

Whatever your reason for needing an apostille on your degree, diploma, a levels, GCSE’s and other school letters we can arrange for your documents to be officially certified by our solicitor and issued with the apostille.