How long does it take to get an apostille?

The standard time for legalising documents is approximately 2 to 3 working days. When a document arrives at our office before 11am we will often complete the apostille service on the next working day.


99% of our orders are completed and despatched within 2 to 3 working days unless there is a delay verifying a signature on the document if applicable. However, we cannot guarantee such a quick turnaround and processing times are subject to volume of orders. We recommend that you choose either UK next day delivery or DHL delivery for safe return of your documents. Details can be found on the order form.


In the unlikely event that your document is delayed we will do everything we can to return your order to you as soon as possible. Delays can occur when incorrect documents are supplied or your documents have not been certified correctly. Delays can also occur if there is a signature of a public official or solicitor on your document that has to be verified and the signatory does not reply quickly. When this does happen we will let you know and will assist you in resolving the issue and provide clear advice on how to proceed.