Apostille definition – What is an apostille?

The apostille certificate is used to legalise a document for use in another country.

Apostilles for Education Documents

We can legalise by apostille all UK education documents.

Apostille certificate for VAT registration certificate or letter.

A business may be asked to prove it is registered for vat in the UK by an overseas tax authority or a potential business partner or supplier prior to conducting any transaction.

Certificate of Residency for tax purposes

UK apostille certificate for Certificates of Residency issued by the tax office.

Apostilles for Wales - Legalising Welsh Documents

There is technically no official apostille office in Wales. Within the UK there is only one version of the apostille certificate.

Apostilles for England - Legalising all UK documents

Within the UK there is only one official apostille certificate. There are some documents that in England look different to those issued in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Apostilles for Deed Polls

We can legalise your name change deed polls. The apostille certificate can be issued on your deed polls and related documents.

Apostilles for Wills, Probates and Death Certificates

Following the death of a person with overseas assets there may be a requirement for documents relating to the deceased to be legalised by apostille and presented overseas.

Legalisation of documents for use in Egypt

We can assist you to legalise your documents through the Egyptian Consulate in London for use in Egypt.